Frequently Asked Questions

Do you quilt quilts for customers?
            Yes we do. We really enjoy the continuous quilt show done by customers.

Does your quilting machine run by itself?
            Yes, after it is told what pattern and where to sew.
How much does it cost to have a quilt quilted?
            We charge by the square inch. To determine this measurement, measure your quilt top width and length. Then multiply the two measurements together. This gives you the total square inches in your quilt. Pricing begins at .12 cents per square inch. Multiply your total square inches by .015 This gives you the dollar amount.
What do I need to bring/ship to you for quilting?
            A finished quilt top pressed well, a backing of at least 6 inches larger than your quilt top and quality batting.
 Jane Quilts stocks a variety of batting types. You may choose from price or type such as cotton or blended. We can discuss thread choices and batting when your quilt is received.

Can I rent your machine and quilt my own quilt?
            Not at this time. 

Will you teach me how to use my quilting machine?
             YES!  We can!!  Call to schedule an appointment.